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Mahina's Journey - Amateur Golf - Deer Valley Country Club

“My handicap? Woods and irons. “                                 ~Chris Codiroli

March 10, 2012 – The night before it took my along time to drift off to sleep. I tossed and turned for

most of the night, and I really never got a good stretch of rest. I had a 7:49 tee time so was planning on getting up about 6:00 to leave by 7:00 a.m. I woke up about 5:30 am and got up to do some stretching exercises. I got some coffee and got dressed.  I thought I had time to get something to eat and then pack up the Volvo, leaving me plenty of time to get to Deer Ridge Country Club. I’m not sure what happened, but just as I was leaving the room, the phone rings and it’s the 6:00 am wake up call, only trouble is that, is was already 7 am. Ooops!

So, I ended up rushing off to the course. I somehow got turned around on the drive, and lost someAmgolf8 valuable time. I started to panic, thinking I might not even make my tee time. I was running red lights, stop signs, speeding through residential streets and passing any slow moving vehicle that got in my way. But, I damn sure made it in time to get my shoes on, grab my golf bag and park the car. I checked in with the caddy shack and got my power cart loaded up. I drove over to the first tee and checked in with Dominique. He said that our group was next up on the tee. Shit, I really did just make it there. Oh well, I was as ready as I could be, under the circumstances.

 Amgolf10My playing partners for the day were Monte Johnson and Steve Vincent. Monte was from the Klamath Falls area and Steve was from Brentwood. Steve had won this Event from 2005-2009. And this was Monte’s first time playing the event. His son had joined him and played in the Open division.

 And off the 1st tee we went, right down the center cut. The morning was brisk and the sky was clear. Winds were light and no rain was in the forecast. I bogeyed #1and took a double on #2. Then I took another double on #3. What the HELL was going on. The course didn’t seem that tough.  I know it was early and I didn’t get ANY warm up time, but this is ridiculous. Finally, on #4, I shot a par.  But that did not continue, in fact, I only pared one more hole on the front nine. I shot a 45 and it was not looking good at this point. I needed to turn things around.

 I chatted with Monte on a few of the holes. He was a large, burly man, with a calm demeanor. Monte was a rancher and had that rough and tough exterior. He told about his son, Jared and how good a golfer he had become. You could tell, in his voice, how proud of Jared he was. That was cool!

 As we made the turn I was ready to get my game going but on #10, I really blew up and took theAmgolf13 infamous “Snowman.”  An 8, yep an 8. At this point I just about gave up. I was not a happy camper, at ALL. But, that’s the way golf goes. I decided to make the best of the round and the day and enjoy myself. It was a beautiful sunny day, at least and I was enjoying the warmth and dryness.

 But my game only got uglier, no matter what I did. On #14, a par 4-364 yards, I ended up taking 3 penalty strokes, after losing my first drive left. To which, I had to return to the tee box and tee off again. Well, I hit the 2nd ball OB right and I hit the 3rd ball OB right. So, I drove up to the spot where the last ball went OB and took a drop. I was hitting 7 at this point. It took me 4 more strokes to get that damn ball in the cup, for an 11 = CRAPS!

 Amgolf11I couldn’t wait for this round to be over. But I decided to ask my playing partners about their prostate health. Monte had his removed already and was doing fine. Steve was getting tested regularly. Praise God! I know Steve wanted this round to end too. He told me that he had 11-3 putts on the day. He shot a 94. Monte came in with an 87 and I finished with 98.

 What a day! I was soooo glad that was over. That was one of the worst rounds I have shot in a long, long time. Wow. That was a really long drive down from Portland, to embarrass myself like that. I was going to have to post a very low score the next day, to even have a chance to contend.

 I drove away from Deer Valley CC, dazed and confused. I needed to get some sleep. I was extremely tired. But, I had to drive back to Walnut Creek, where I would be spending the night with Chris and Renee. I dreaded driving again. I was over it. But, off I went in the Volvo. When I arrived at the Bergez’s home, Dan and his wife were already there. I sat down with Chris and Dan and the girls went for a walk, while the boys talked. I was dead tired.

 I didn’t have much of an appetite, but I did have some salad. It was good to see Dan. We talked about golf, sports, current affairs and the Lord. We got around to the subject of our glory days with the Sunnyvale Rockets POP Warner football team. We were National Champions! Our team was undefeated and zero points were scored against our defense. I played wingback receiver and Chris was a defensive back. Those were some pretty awesome times. I asked Chris if still possessed any of the memorabilia from those years. Chris said he did and went out to the garage to retrieve the box. Inside the box were the programs, rosters, photos, plaques. He even had the Rocket jacket.

 All of my things, from my youth, were tossed into the trash by a crazy X-girlfriend, back in New York.Mahina football I could have killed her! Kristen has the one photo that has survived. When I was in 7th grade, I had sent her my photo from football and she has been carrying it in her wallet ever since. Since I only had one lonely photo I was so happy that Chris still had his all intact. We looked through all of the stuff inside the box and reminisced about many of our teammates. I had forgotten about how many players we had on our team and I had a hard time remembering all of their names. That sure was fun.

 I had to be at the golf course by 6:30 am. and Dan and Niokia had to get back to Sacramento, so we called it a night. I would see Dan in May when he came up for my Annual Golf Tournament. After they left, I started to get ready for bed but was craving popcorn. Renee popped some up for me and I took a big bowl to bed with me. Daylight saving just happened to be that night also, So, I had to spring forward my clock an hour ahead. Great! Now, I lose another hour of sleep that I wouldn’t have gotten anyway. I was hoping the next day would be better than my first round. I better sleep on it.!


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