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Mahina's Journey - Dinner with the Beaudoins

"Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all."        ~  Harriet van Horne

March 20, 2012 – We were still trying to get caught up on all the “Gourmet Dinners for 4” that we

have auctioned off the past 3 years.  Mark and Kathy Beaudoin bought the dinner at the “MPC Youth Auction” in 2010. Kristen arranged for them to come for dinner on Tuesday, March 20. They were the next lucky and privileged group to enjoy a 5- course dinner with wine service to boot! I always enjoyBeaudoin1 Mark’s company and his generous spirit.  Mark was bringing his mom and sister with them. We were excited as Kristen has known the Beaudoin family for years. Her dad was Margie’s doctor for about 50 years and had been the family doctor and even delivered all the Beaudoins – 9 in all. 

 I know that this would be a fun evening, so I took off my golf hat and put on the Chef Torque and ChefWear. I usually go with my instincts and seasonality, when planning my menu. A nice warm hearty soup is always the right call when the weather is wet and 40-degrees. So, I made a rich homemade soup to start: caramelized sweet onions, roasted garlic, house-made vegetable stock, and pureed cauliflower. I add a touch of cream at the end, which give a nice textural appeal.

 For the Second course, I, no?  I better let the guests arrive first. The Beaudoins showed up on time. The dogs, Kristen and I greeted them and then we sat down at the table.  Kristen works diligently on the table setting arrangements and does an awesome presentation.  As they settled in, Kristen offered Mark, Kathy, Margie and Carol some wine and I return to the kitchen.  

 Before we dug into our soup, I said Grace. We enjoyed the soup immensely. Kristen cleared the soupFood3 bowls, while I put the Philo wrapped Sea Scallops in the oven.  A beautiful seared Sea Scallop and sautéed Shitake mushrooms were wrapped in 4 layers of buttered philo dough with a Miso glaze. I served the Sea Scallop on a bed of braised baby kale and spinach. There was a wasabi aioli to finish on the scallops.

 As I spend most of my time in the kitchen plating the courses, Kristen is hosting our guests and entertaining them with lively conversation. I serve each course about 20-30 minutes apart. We offer several varieties of wine throughout the evening. The only time I really spent with our guests is when introducing each course and then partaking in the dish. I LOVE doing these dinners, because I get to play Chefy Pooh!

Of course, the scallops were a big hit. But we were ready to move along to the next course. I returned to the kitchen, and got the 3rd course set to go. I made a risotto and halibut dish. The risotto was par cooked, then finished with onions, asparagus tips and Parmesan cheese.  The halibut was slow roasted with a Kalamata tapenade. I always undercook the fish, so that it is moist, tender and flavorful. Yummy! Kathy had mentioned that she was a fan of hot and spicy so I added some heat to her serving (and of course to mine!)

 While I was in the kitchen, I could hear Kristen and the Beaudoins talking and laughing. These dinners are always so much fun getting to know our guests better. In this case, they also did a lot of reminiscing about the “Old Days” and Kristen’s dad. I know she always enjoys that.

 070The last savory dish of the evening was a beautiful petite filet mignon, grilled to perfection and served with black truffle butter and Hawaiian a sea salt. This was served on a Mescaline green salad with blue cheese crumbles and cherry tomatoes. I tossed the salad with a light white balsamic vinegar and EVOO. Mark really enjoyed his steak. And so did Kristen! That is one of her favorite things – Filet o’ Beef. At this point, I get to relax and take my chef hat off, and join in on the conversation.

 Kristen now gets to put her “pastry” hat on and do her thing. She retired to the kitchen to retrieve the desert.  I was left to entertain the guests and we talked over the meal and which courses were their favorites and such.

 The Stumptown decaf coffee was freshly brewed and served with cordials, including Trader Vic’s083 Macadamia Liqueur and Kahlua. Kristen had picked up a Tangerine/White Cake from Zupans.  It was the perfect finish to our meal. Mark really enjoyed the Trader Vic’s Macadamia Nut Liquor. We always have some for sale at our Silent Auction after the golf tournament. He wanted me to make sure he had the winning bid. This is the first year Mark will not be playing in the Mahina Young Charitable Fund golf tournament. In the years past he has always hosted a foursome and they are always a lot of fun to have at the tournament. He and his foursome will be sorely missed,

 So, it was another successful and enjoyable evening of dining, wining and fellowship. We only have one left to do and we are all caught up, but the MPC auction is coming up and so is ours so soon we will have more dinners to do. We thank God and praise His Son for ALL the blessings we receive. We pray and lift up the MPC Youth group, with Heather Hellman at the helm, we ask the Lord’s grace and love as they head to safe grounds in Alaska. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


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